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Step One : A Unique Character In 2 Minutes

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Part 1 - PSD Source Files To Five Front End Characters + 6 More Brand New Characters


Here Is Just  A Tiny Sample Of The Unlimited Variations You Can Create From Just One Character Once You Have The Source Files


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Part 2 - Photoshop Instant Talking Character Animation Actions

Follow my easy tutorial on how to load Photoshop actions, then press play and you're done.

It really does take just seconds to animate your newly created Vydeo Presenters in Photoshop.

  • Create Your New Character

    Time estimated – 1 -3 minutes

  • Animate Your New Character

    Time estimated – 10 -1 5 minutes

  • Add Character To Your Video Editor

    Time estimated – 10 – 15 minutes

Part 3 -  Bonus Doctor & Dentist Character
Dr. Anna is ready animated and you can pop her into your next video right now.  However, you also get the PSD source files so you can edit Anna's hair, color, clothes, eyes etc.

Dr. Anna & Dentist Anna come in the standard 5 animated poses for all characters with non-animated PNG'sl included.  If you would like to change how Anna looks, simply open the source file and make your changes.  Instant Dr. Anna v.2 :)

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