Here's How You Can Add Exciting & Dynamic Animated Presenters To Your Videos In Just Minutes!

Wow Your Audience With Vydeo Presenters Who Can Sell, Teach, Instruct And Present Just About Anything!

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Educational Demo

Watch Diane present an educational lesson on the biography of Christopher Columbus.

Real Estate Demo

Watch Holly present an engaging real estate promo video designed to sell services.

3 Steps To Easy Presenter Videos Today!

  • Select Your Favourite Presenter

    Which character would you like to present your video. They all look great but  you can choose which one is just right for your video.

  • Choose Your Video Production Tool

    Open your favorite slideshow or video software. You can drop the characters into any software of your choice that accepts .mov, animated gifs or .swfs.

  • Need Help? Follow Our Tutorials.

    We’ll show you exactly how to work with Vydeo Presenters to make any kind of video you like

Let's Meet The Presenters

You get five female presenter characters.  All characters have 5 distinct poses with mouth animation. Here's a brief description of each character.


Stephanie is an all round character who will bring her professional and personable persona to your videos. Stephanie is perfect for presentations and instructional videos.


Michelle is an upbeat pleasant and on-trend character who will bring her fun, happy yet professional youthfulness to your videos.  Michelle is great for sales and promotional videos.


Diane is an all round soccer mom character who will bring her universal appeal to all your videos.  She is engaging and instantly trustworthy.  Diane is great for review videos of all kinds.


Holly is a larger lady who has a pleasant and cheerful character.  She will bring all round likeability to any video.  Her professionalism makes her great for just about any kind of video.


Lynn is a older, elegant lady.  Her composure and experience will help you create a video that instantly commands respect for the topic.  People will listen to Lynn.  She is perfect for sales presentations and review videos.

5 Outfit Choices For Every Character

Business Suit

The business suit Outfit is perfect for professional services videos or any video that requires a more serious tone.  Viewers will instantly recognize success and trustworthiness.

Smart Casual

The Smart Casual outfit for the female Vydeo Presenters is great when you want a professional tone to your videos but with the full on formality of the business suit!  The Presenters look relaxed, approachable and  professional.


The Casual outfit for the female Vydeo Presenters is versatile and informal.  You can use this outfit for creating just about any kind of video from review videos to educational presentations.


The Formal outfit is elegant and sophisticated.  It's great for creating custom video invites to formal events.

Cocktail Dress

Every girls likes to party.  Now you can create videos with party girls using this fun Vydeo Presenters cocktail dress outfit.

5 Pre-Animated Distinct Poses For Each Character

Vydeo Presenters are perfect for presenting videos as each character comes  with 5 distinct poses, that will bring your video to life.

Neutral Pose

Causal Pose

Presenting Pose

Pointing Pose

Waving Pose

3 Unique Screen Positions/Camera Angles

Each Vydeo Presenter can be positioned left, right and centre screen.  This allows you to instantly create more interesting and dynamic videos.

55 Non-Animated Transparent PNG Graphics For Each Character

Maybe you have other ideas for how you can use Vydeo Presnters.  We get that! That's why we've included every pose and outfit for every character in PNG format.

  • 1

    Non Animated Videos

    Use the non-amimated images in all kinds of videos. Vydeo Presenters will personalize all kinds of videos with their unique professional look.

  • 2

    Flyers & Promotional Material

    Create flyers and other offline marketing materials to promote your product or service.

  • 3

    Product Covers

    Add the stills to product covers to promote your video content.

Watch As Vydeo Presenters Come To Life In Less Than One Minute!

Here Are Just Some Of The Many Types Of Videos You Can Make Today With Vydeo Presenters

Quick & Easy To Follow Tutorials Teaches You EVERYTHING You Need To Know

What Having Vydeo Presenters Means For You Today!

Vydeo Presenters are perfect for presenting videos as each character comes  with 5 distinct poses, that will bring your video to life.

  • Instant Video Success

    Creating character animation videos from scratch typically takes a lot of money and a lot of time. Not anymore! With Vydeo Presenters, all the creative work is done for you. Simply open the pre-made animated graphics in PowerPoint, follow the short tutorial and instant video success!

  • Save Time & Tears

    No need to waste hours trying to learn complicated software only to find your video sucks anyway. With our pre-animated characters you can readily create sales videos, niche video, explainer videos … and do this in just minutes, not days!

  • Save Money

    Have you seen the cost of video editing software? And what about those monthly fees? And let’s not get started about outsourcing.  Not something you need to worry about. With Vydeo Presenters you get all the benefits without being out of pocket. It’s a perfect solution!

  • Grow Your Business

    Our business is to make your business a success. Whether you’re making video for your own online marketing or providing a video production service, we’re here to ensure you have all the tools and resources you need to grow your business with video.

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Get Started Making Easy Presenter Style Videos Today

Your purchase is 100% Risk Free. If you’re not happy with Vydeo Presenters for any reason, simply let our us know via email and we’ll happily refund your money, no questions asked!

Vydeo Presenters Vol 2 - The Girls

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconCan I use Vydeo Presenters In Any Software?

    Vydeo Presenters can be used in any software that allows you to import either .SWF, .MOV or animated .GIF files.  exports to video format.  This includes software like PowerPoint, Keynote, Camtasia Studio, Screenflow, iMovie, After Effects and Final Cut Pro as well as newer software like Explaindio and Video Maker FX.

  • q-iconWhat If I Get Stuck & Need Help?

    We have training tutorials inside that will help you get started. However, if this is not enough you can simply click on our support tab and contact us.  We’re here to help.  You can also join our customers Facebook group for group support and feedback.

  • q-iconWhat Rights Do I Have With Vydeo Presenter Products

    You have full rights to use our graphics and other products in an unlimited number of personal or client videos and products.  You don’t have the right to directly sell any of our products.  Goes without saying really :)